Young Bankers Programme

The Young Bankers Programme is a six-month theoretical and practical training programme which aims to train potential employees of ProCredit Bank. It is the sole entry point for employment with ProCredit Bank.

The Young Bankers Programme is a comprehensive and intensive introduction to the theory and practice of banking and finance from a responsible perspective. It provides a unique opportunity for participants and for ProCredit to gauge whether candidates’ aptitudes and personal qualities fit with the special ProCredit way of working. The quality of our recruitment programme and consistent training help us to ensure that our customer service is outstanding.
The theory section of the Young Bankers Programme covers topics of responsible banking, finance and economics, mathematics and accounting, as well as sociology, globalisation, the environment and the financial crisis. Participants are also acquainted with the ProCredit business philosophy and history. The programme is full of practical exercises in the fields of economics, banking, communication and analytical and critical thinking. It also includes periods spent working in ProCredit Bank branches, where trainees deal with the everyday tasks related to the theoretical background.
The Young Bankers Programme is designed to be interactive, and involves group work and travel to different branches within the ProCredit network around the country. Full attendance during the entire programme and the active involvement of participants – as individuals and as a part of the groups – are therefore required.
The theoretical components of the Young Bankers Programme take part in Yerevan – at the Head Office of ProCredit Bank. Practical training is organised at ProCredit branches in Yerevan and in regional cities. Participants who live outside of Yerevan will be provided with accommodation in the capital city for the duration of the training period.
All Young Bankers Programme trainees receive a monthly stipend from ProCredit Bank, the amount of which reflects their previous work experience. Participants who successfully complete the Young Bankers Programme may be offered an employment contract from ProCredit Bank. However, neither the bank nor the programme participants are under any legal obligation to enter into an employment relationship.

If a participant’s performance during the six-month period is unsatisfactory, their participation in the Young Bankers Programme can be terminated upon the initiative of ProCredit Bank at any point following a notice period of two weeks.
Young Bankers Programme graduates who become employees of ProCredit Bank will have a six-month probation period, during which they will receive additional position-specific theoretical and on-the-job training. 




Updated 2016-04-22